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Our Wagons

Gypsy Getaway Wagons are a simple and magical way to decompress and reconnect in a timeless tradition.  All the romance and adventure of the nomadic Gypsy caravans but with updated conveniences and amenities.  

Our handcrafted, one of a kind wagons, can work for you in 2 ways…  

Tow one on your next adventure to your favorite campground or to a totally off the grid location.  If you don’t have the time or desire to venture out, we can bring a wagon to your home.  Extra space for visiting guests, a getaway for a child’s birthday, or your own romantic vacation in your back yard. 

The other way to enjoy a Gypsy Getaway Wagon is to have one custom built to your specifications and desires!  The demand has been overwhelming, so if you are interested, please email us and we can start the design process.  The only limitation is your imagination!

Rental prices start at $69 per night for those towing their own!

Ask us about “circling the wagons” for larger groups and events.

Either way, experience the magic of the Gypsy Getaway Wagons!

All Gypsy Getaway Wagons include:

  • 2 burner propane stove
  • French Press and tea kettle
  • Bed linen Provided
  • Solar lights for reading and evening hours
  • 12 volt plugs (think cigarette lighter in your car) for charging cell phones and small USB adapter devices
  • 18 gallons of non potable water and shower head for outdoor open air shower
  • All wagons are non-smoking with the exception of the Sun Salutation Gypsy Getaway Wagon which is cannabis friendly.
  • Dogs Accepted

Teagan’s Treehouse Gypsy Getaway Wagon

A color palate and custom artwork from our lead designer, this Gypsy Getaway Wagon inspires freedom and movement.  Teagan’s Treehouse has 1 que...

Sun Salutation Gypsy Wagon

This Gypsy Getaway Wagon inspires the daylight with its bright colors and warm wood interior.  The Sun Salutation Wagon has 2 full-sized beds and the...

Rambling Ramsey’s Gypsy Wagon

This Gypsy Getaway Wagon is made for the road!  Named after the young man who chose the color scheme, this wagon has 2 full sized beds and ceiling h...

Big Dog Gypsy Wagon

Named after the father of the Gypsy Wagons, "Big Dog", warm colors welcome you into this wagon which has 2 full sized beds so can be used by 1, 2, 3 o...

About Gypsy Getaway Wagons

Gypsy Getaway Wagons was created when Jeff Deming needed a quiet and inspiring place to think of the next stage of his life. For years he had run boutique hotels, guest ranches, and various outdoors oriented hospitality jobs in amazing scenic locations.

His neighbor had just had a gypsy wagon built and Jeff thought how great it would be to have that to take to a peaceful and isolated location to be at one with his thoughts. But Jeff quickly realized he wasn’t the only one that needed the quiet place to think and reconnect with his spirit.  Vibrant colors, an artistic vibe, and miles of natural beauty… the ingredients to inspiration!

Everyone needs it whether they know it or not. Life decisions, romantic getaways, meaningful family vacations…we all need to live like a gypsy to reconnect occasionally.

So Jeff partnered with a local artisan in Reno and the dream was born. They are now building Gypsy Wagons for anyone who needs the experience.

Jeff’s 2 children have been deemed head designers and artistic directors even though they are just 10 and 13 years old.

Just imagine what inspiration can happen to you while out in a Gypsy Getaway Wagon. The possibilities are limitless when you discover your gypsy spirit!

Gypsy Wagons FAQ’s

Can I take a Gypsy Wagon to Burning Man?

Yes you can!  We only have a few wagons available to go out to the Playa so book soon!  50% payment is due at time of reservation and balance is due as of August 1.  At that point in time, reservations for Burning Man are considered non-refundable.  We will need a $1000 security deposit due to the extreme conditions of the event.  We have no hidden fees like other rental companies, just the nightly rate.   Please check website for rental rates and availability.

Are Gypsy Getaway Wagons cannabis friendly?

Yes we are! In response to guests’ inquiries regarding the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in some states, we have designated the Sun Salutation Gypsy Getaway Wagon as our cannabis friendly wagon. Please be advised if this something you are sensitive to, please consider an alternative wagon. If cannabis is part of your getaway, we are happy to be of service! Book freely and live well!

Are there toilets in the wagon?

No, there is not a bathroom in the wagon.  If you are going fully off the grid, you have the option of adding a composting toilet and 3 sided shelter that can be set up a short way away from the wagon for an additional fee of $75 per booking.

Can my car haul the wagon or can it be delivered?

The wagons weigh a minimum of 2800 lbs so check your owners manual for towing capacity.  If you do not have a vehicle capable of towing our Gypsy Getaway Wagons we are able to deliver it to a campsite or your home in anticipation of your vacation. The rate is $100 which includes the first 25 miles of travel and then $1 a mile after that based on round trip mileage.

Can I charge my computer or cell phone?

All wagons are outfitted with a 12 volt solar system.  There are lights and a small cooler chest.  There are outlets similar to those in your car so bring your car charger and you can keep cell phone charged.  There are adapters for normal outlets but computers draw a lot of power and you run the risk of running down your battery life if you plug it in.

Is there water on the wagon?

Each wagon has an 18 gallon water tank on board.  It is water that is filled from something similar to a household hose spicket.  It is “non-potable” water but can be used for boiling for tea or coffee and is usable for the open air shower head that is connected.

Are the wagons for sale?

Due to overwhelming demand, YES, there will be Gypsy Getaway Wagons for sale and we will take orders.  Please email us or fill out our online contact form for pricing and details if you are interested.

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